Visual Representation

With so many extraordinary women of both beauty and character to celebrate in so many dimensions –  how can it make sense not to represent women more fully? It is like going to a 3 star Michelin restaurant and only wanting to look at the hors d’oeuvres menu….what are you missing!!

Above are examples and illustrations of the wide range of appealing visual qualities that real women exhibit. These images have been captured from the internet on the basis of “fair use”.

We at Sixteen47 would like a more inclusive visual representation of women – where character, what you have achieved – or are trying to achieve, what you think and feel, what you say, what you stand for – who or what  you serve …are facets of how you are portrayed.


           Vogue Front Covers – their visual portayals

of women  since 1916.


Fabulous covers – fabulously beautiful women.

Almost all very young and very thin.

Do other representations of beauty of exist?