What is the Sixteen47 brand?




How We Met: Dawn French And Helen Teague – Anthi Charalambous Sunday, Independent.

DAWN FRENCH: It was early 1990 and I was in search of good clothes, and I’d read about a shop called Big Clothes. On the day I went along, Helen’s partner was there. I was buying loads of stuff, doing that panic-buying that big women do when they finally come across reasonable clothes. I could hear Helen downstairs ……

HELEN TEAGUE: Dawn walked into my shop at 10 past five in the afternoon on 18 January 1990. I had a shop called Big Clothes in St John’s Wood. I was in the tiny basement, cutting and stuff and I heard this distinctive voice. I went upstairs and when my head was level with the floor, I looked up at her and said: “Are you Dawn French? I’ve been waiting for you.” ……

The Sixteen47 Brand is based upon the values and personal preferences  in clothing of Dawn and Helen.

“….the clothes are good – beautiful fabrics and prints – we use such limited ranges of fabric types – characterised by unfailingly beautiful colours and prints – in high quality mostly natural fabrics. Simple shapes which address the basic requirements of proportion and comfort and secure cover. They are well detailed and well made – and we do our best to avoid exploiting anyone and in our own enterprises we push hard for our colleagues to learn new skills and be emancipated enough to choose to stay or leave and hope they stay (if they were good enough) out of choice and not just because we provided better terms and conditions than others….” Helen Teague.