What is the Sixteen47 brand?




How We Met: Dawn French And Helen Teague – Anthi Charalambous Sunday, Independent.

DAWN FRENCH: It was early 1990 and I was in search of good clothes, and I’d read about a shop called Big Clothes. On the day I went along, Helen’s partner was there. I was buying loads of stuff, doing that panic-buying that big women do when they finally come across reasonable clothes. I could hear Helen downstairs ……

HELEN TEAGUE: Dawn walked into my shop at 10 past five in the afternoon on 18 January 1990. I had a shop called Big Clothes in St John’s Wood. I was in the tiny basement, cutting and stuff and I heard this distinctive voice. I went upstairs and when my head was level with the floor, I looked up at her and said: “Are you Dawn French? I’ve been waiting for you.” ……

The Sixteen47 Brand is based upon the values and personal preferences  in clothing of Dawn and Helen.