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Carol had followed in her grandmother’s footsteps with a career in nursing, eventually leaving Health Visiting to work as a Psychosexual Therapist prior to taking early retirement in 2014 …. she supposes that’s where the “sexy” part of Bloomin’ Sexy came in.

The name “Bloomin’ Sexy” was coined right at the outset and was very much about women being able to claim the word “sexy” and to feel it for themselves – not for anyone else. It is about feeling sexy.

Having a curvy figure Carol invariably ended up in trousers for comfort during hot summer days when she longed to wear cooler dresses or skirts. Speaking to her work colleagues revealed a variety of different solutions under their dresses – shorts, leggings, shape wear, cycling shorts – all in the attempt to stop the summer chafe. This took Carol on a hunt for something that was practical, comfortable and pretty. After a fruitless search for lingerie that felt both feminine and sexy, the idea of creating something new was born.

Then Jill came in as creative designer.  Carol had met Jill several years before and remembered that she had always had a great eye for style and presentation – so she approached her with the idea.   Jill was so excited she began sketching straight away. Since the age of 4 Jill had always loved creating things from all kinds of material, which then fed her curiosity to experiment with different fabrics. Within minutes of Carol approaching Jill with the concept, Jill had put pen to paper and sketched out the very first ideas for what has since evolved into the Classic and Vintage designs. Jill is always buzzing with ideas for new designs and Carol is pretty good with the business side, so between them they created Bloomin’ Sexy underwear, searching out the very best fabrics and manufacturers. The rest, as they say, is history.

We – at Sixteen47 – also aware of the challenges summer can bring – have periodically created our own range of bloomers but are delighted to arrange for our customers to meet Bloomin’ Sexy and enjoy their pretty range as much as we do.

You can now buy Bloomin’ Sexy on our site while we enjoy having them as guest contributors. (The prices are the same as on their own website.)


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