A Bed time Story….

In September 2017 we investigated the possibility of including a collection of homewares – including bedlinen – to our Sixteen47.com website. The idea was initially inspired by the idea of working with our suppliers in a more collaborative way. The idea was to make  our specialist skills and resources as retailers available to our producers so that they could choose/develop  products they wanted to make and get the benefits of selling them directly via our site.

Naturally we began with our own factory in Ghana. They wanted to produce something that could use local fabrics and which they did not need to buy specialist machinery for and the decision  to first try bedlinen.

It was quite an adventure! not the least because our staff are unfamiliar with the products they were making in their daily lives! (Who needs a duvet in 30º!).

At the end of many months  the main challenge was the reliable supply of local fabrics which met the standards that would be required for an international market. Our conclusion was that this would indeed be a fantastic project one day – and one whose time would come one day in the near future.  These are some of the inspiring fabrics we have been looking at:

bedlinen inspiration

                           West Africa has a wonderful array of printed, woven and dyed fabrics. These are true classics and                                                the traditions of making and using have a rich history,

In the meantime we have made some wonderful samples and we are delighted to be able to offer these as limited editions to our customers. There are cushion covers and bedlinen sets.

There is a wide selection of cushion covers as well as a range wonderful and luxurious bedlinen sets. See this link for Cushion covers and this link for the bedlinen sets.

Watch this space as the adventure continues.  Meanwhile these limited editions are available on the Sixteen47.com website while stocks last – from mid December 2018.