Its just magic…

We have always used a special Plus size mannequin (always called “Dolly”) to take the images of our clothes for our website. (We launched our first website in 2000 -evolving from our mail order brochure).  Back then it was almost impossible to buy one!  We have a few secrets on how we acquired our very first one…she has been with us for a long time, is very well travelled and has only recently retired after 20 years of dedicated service!

We made our own for design/fitting purposes in our own one-six sizes.

sizes on-six

Fortunately now we can get plus size mannequins – though they don’t come in our size range!

We are lucky to be able to work with a lovely creative company who take almost all the images for our website.  When we started working with them we bought our Dolly number 6.

Dolly-6 is our magic mannequin. The magic part is that she comes apart in ways that mean all evidence of her can be removed from the final image and we can show the clothes in 3D.

majic mannequinAbove is the assembled and disassembled Dolly. Below is the high tech equipment used to make sure that the colours and textures of the garments are as accurate as possible.U shoot photography

…and here we are….our Dolly, ready and waiting, then before she is made to disappear and after!

majic mannequin with garments

With Dolly and our talented team of images makers, we create accurate as well as appealing images. But we like the flesh and blood versions too! and not only do we take take our fabric images very carefully to show print and texture but Helen edits every single image we use to make sure that it is colour perfect and looks like the real thing!

range of images on facebook.jpg

An extract from our Facebook – our favourites are the ones you send to us!

heart shaped Praline